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Ki-61 I/IIa Wood ACK (Almost Complete Kit)

Ki-61 I/IIa Wood ACK (Almost Complete Kit)


ACK kit with all parts needed for frame only. No sheeting is provided. All balsa and plywood parts are laser cut. More than 300 parts. 

  • Overview

    The Kawasaki Ki-61 Hien is 1/3.75 scale model and is our second warbird that we released. All our designs are done using 3D CAD program. All wood parts are laser cut. 

  • Specs

    Scale = 1/3.75

    Wingspan = 125.87"

    Length = 91.73"

    Engine = 85 - 110cc

    Weight = 40 - 50lbs

    Wing area = 2,204.50


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