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B5N Kanko



Scale                            1:5

Wingspan                   122.20"

Length                         81.10"

Wing Area                   2338.56 sq. in.

Weight                          40 - 50 lbs.

Power                           80 - 100cc





The Nakajima B5N Kinko type 97  Carrier Attack Bomber was a fast navy bomber that operated for the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II.
Even though it was fast at the beginning of the war it turned obsolete at the end of the war compared with their counterpart warbirds. The B5N was assigned the Allied code name Kate. In total, 1,149 B5Ns were produced.

You don't need to be a master builder to achieve a very nice Oscar. It features an accurate outline and can be completed with all kind of details for scale competition. 



The set of plans were developed around our  kit or can be used to cut your own kit for scratch build by anyone with previous model building experience. Plans include full-size layout for all required parts in very detailed 7 sheets.

  • Our laser-cut kit, features interlocking auto-jig system for easy assembly. 

  • Three-piece plug-in wing allows for easy transport and storage.

  • Fiberglass cowl with scale panel lines for authenticity. (sold separately)

  • Clear plastic canopy. (Sold separately)

  • Sierra Giant Scale main landing gear and fix tail unit. (Sold Separately)

  • 6" main wheels, 1.25" tail wheel

Customers Projects


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